The Database for Preterm Birth (dbPTB) is a web-based aggregation tool to organize the genes, genetic variations and pathways involved in preterm birth, dbPTB. We used semantic data mining to extract all published articles related to preterm birth. All articles were reviewed by a team of curators. Genes identified from public databases and archives of expression arrays were aggregated with genes curated from the literature.

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The Database for Preterm Birth is intended to help researchers and clinicians involved in studies of preterm birth. If you use these resources please cite as Uzun A, Laliberte A, Parker J, Andrew C, Winterrowd E, Sharma S, Istrail S, Padbury JF.dbPTB: a database for preterm birth.Database (Oxford). 2012 Feb 8;2012:bar069.(PMID:22323062).
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Women and Infants Hospital of Rhode Island, Department of Pediatrics. Brown Alpert Medical School, Brown University Center for Computational Molecular Biology.

For questions and feedback email at alper_uzunATbrownDOTedu or JPadburyATwihriDOTorg

This project is supported by grants from the March of Dimes and the NIH Centers of Biomedical Research Excellence